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No sanitary pass at the campsite Les Grands Sables

Vaccinated or not, you are welcome.

We don’t require any sanitary pass any PCR test.

Having no swimming pool or restaurant, we have no obligation regarding the sanitary pass.

Of course, we continue to respect health measures.

No sanitary pass at the campsite

No sanitary pass at the campsite Les Grands Sables

Covid Pandemic and Cancellation

Cancellation in a pandemic situation 

1 _ In case of total or partial closure of the establishment during the dates of the booked stay (to which is assimilated to a total or partial ban on the reception of the public, insofar as the Customer is directly concerned by the application of this measure) decided by the public authorities, and which is not imputable to the Service Provider, the sums paid in advance by the Customer for the reservation of the stay will be the subject of a refund within a period of 6 weeks.

However, the Service Provider cannot be held liable for additional compensation beyond this reimbursement of the sums already paid in connection with the reservation of the stay.

Any cancellation of the stay duly justified by the fact that the Customer would be affected by COVID 19 (infection) or other infection considered as a pandemic, or would be identified as a contact case, and that this situation would call into question his participation in the stay on the planned dates will give rise to:

  • repayment of amounts paid in advance.
  • or  the issue of a credit note valid for 18 months refundable at the end of the period of validity.

Any processing and management fees as provided for in the general terms and conditions will remain with the Service Provider. In all cases, the Customer must provide proof of the event making it eligible for this right to cancellation.

2 _ CANCELLATION, in the event that the Client is forced to cancel the entire stay due to governmental measures not allowing participants to move (general or local confinement, travel ban, border closure), even though the campsite is able to fulfil its obligation and accommodate the Customers, the Service Provider

  •  shall issue a credit note corresponding to the sums paid by the Client, less the processing and management costs which will remain acquired by the Service Provider. This credit is valid for 18 months; it is refundable at the end of the validity period.
  • or will result in the refund of prepaid amounts.


In the event of the Customer’s subscription of specific insurance covering the risks listed in Article 1 or Article 2, the insurance indemnities received by the Customer shall be deducted from the amount of the refund or credit referred to in Articles 1 or 2.


2021 Opening

The campsite will be open from 9 April to 19 September 2021.

You can already pre-book your holiday 2021.

We are reachable by mail and telephone.

We wish you a good winter.

Covid Cancellation Terms:In the event of a Covid-related lockdown or closure, we offer a valid 18-month credit corresponding to the installments paid or a refund (See article regarding Covid and Stay Cancellations).

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